Using LaTex in WordPress

To include a LaTeX equation in a WordPress article I use the WP QuickLaTeX plugin. To insert an equation into your text use the following syntax:

 y = \sin (x) + x^2

For example the above code gives the following rendered equation:

 y = \sin (x) + x^2

Addendum: Pavel Holoborodko pointed out that it is easier to use [latexpage], which indeed it is (see QuickLaTeX)

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  1. Daniella says:

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  2. hsauro says:

    You’re absolutely right, I discovered [latexpage] after I posted this. It’s much easier to use, see Glossary of Enzyme Kinetics.

  3. You can use native LaTeX syntax directly without [latex] .. [/latex] tags.
    $..$ for Inline equations and \[ .. \] for displayed:
    E.g. $y = \sin (x) + x^2$ will become y = \sin (x) + x^2

    Place to [latexpage] activate this mode in the post /comment.

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