New Text Book: Enzyme Kinetics for Systems Biology

I have finally got to the point where I can publish my text book:

Enzyme Kinetics for Systems Biology

This text is geared towards those who need a reference or classroom text book that describes the various rate laws one can use to build a computer model of a cellular network. The text includes some topics not found in a typical enzyme kinetics text book, these include chapters on elasticities, generalized rate laws and the kinetic laws that one would use to build gene regulatory networks. The book is priced at $4.95 for the ebook or $24.95 for the paperback. For the ebook version there are free updates until the second edition is released. There is also in operation an introductory offer that gives a 60% and 20% discount on the ebook and paperback version respectively.

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3 Responses to New Text Book: Enzyme Kinetics for Systems Biology

  1. hsauro says:

    It takes a bit of effort to publish something like this. I used LaTeX to typeset the book and draw most of the figures especially the graphs. Look up LaTeX on the web and you’ll find a lot of material to learn from.

  2. Siva says:

    I want to publish my book like this…
    I have latex document
    How to make a book like this one?
    Please help me…

    How to contact you by mail

  3. Andres Florez says:

    I was waiting for a book like that!… 😀

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