Useful LaTex Documents

Here are some very useful documents on LaTeX that I have come across over the years:

1. Comprehensive Symbol List

The comprehensive symbol list includes 5913 symbols and the corresponding LaTeX command by Scott Pakin

2. Math Mode

A highly comprehensive and well presented document on typesetting math using LaTeX by Herbert Vos

3. Math Companion

Similar to Math Mode but smaller in scope, by Helin Gai from Duke

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2 Responses to Useful LaTex Documents

  1. hsauro says:

    Thanks for the information. WordPress some how mangled my Herbert Vos link (probably after a wordpress update) and I found another copy for the Gai document. The links should work now.

  2. Robert says:


    unfortunately, the URLs for (2) and (3) are broken: a) the HTML link should be repaired, b) the Duke URL is dead, but for the Voss PDF there’s a working one:


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