Delphi XE2: Seamless Mac OS X Builds

More information is coming out of Embarcadero about the forthcoming new Delphi XE2. One of the interesting things to come out this morning is the seamless way XE2 manages the Mac OS X build from the Windows IDE. The heart of approach is the “Platform Assistant” applicationx. This runs on the Mac itself and accepts what are called an application bundles from the Windows IDE via a TCP/IP socket. Once set up, the only thing a developer at the Windows IDE has to do is select the OS X target and select the usual build button on the IDE. The rest is automatic. At the Mac end the application will start up and run. The following image shows the profile window with the port address set.

The next two images shows the fireMonkey controls demo on both the Mac and Windows.

And finally the Windows version of the same application:

Just to show one of the alternative styles that can be used, here is the same application using a darker style:

All images obtained from the TechXtend Webinar held on 30 Aug, 2011



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