Fuzzy Fonts Gone

Embarcardero has had some difficulties in releasing issue free versions of their new cross-platform development tool XE2. One of the most visible was the inability to display clear fonts in controls.

Most noticeable was the TMemo control which can be used to display large chunks of text. The image below shows how fuzzy the fonts were which essentially made the new cross-platform XE2 unusable.

Finally Embarcardero released a hot fix to update 4 this week which appears to fix the problem. If you have an application and you wish to avoid fuzzy fonts, add the following two lines to the start of your application:

GlobalUseGDIPlusClearType := True;
GlobalUseDirect2D := False;

And with that a screenshot of the previous application becomes:

which is a little bit better than the previous version. The fonts render better still if you choose the non-cross-platform controls base on the VCL framework, see image below:

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