NCI Partners with the DREAM Project

Two acronyms in one title, translated the title says:

The National Cancer Institute Partners with the Dialogue for Reverse Engineering Assessments and Methods.

Perhaps not much help but actually this is a great idea. The National Caner Institute is partnering with the DREAM project to put forth a challenge to use genomic information to build in silico models capable of estimating the sensitivity of cancer cell lines to a set of small molecule compounds. What is very interesting about this competition is that the NCI will go on to support the subsequent experimental validation and development of the top performing models. Not only that, the winning team together with their results will get an opportunity to publish in Nature Biotechnology as the ultimate prize. This is a great idea to stimulate algorithmic development in computational biology. The DREAM project is now in its seventh year and it basically sets forth various competitions to test bioinformatic and modeling strategies.

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