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Clipping Rectangles in FireMonkey

In experimenting with FireMonkey I came across what I thought was a non-obvious trick related to creating clipping rectangles in FireMonkey. In VCL we had the CreateRectRgn from the Windows API that allowed us to create areas when drawing commands would not … Continue reading

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Misconceptions in Metabolism

I’m currently at the ISGSB meeting (International Study group for Systems Biology – formally BTK) in Holland. This is a group that values both theoretical analysis and experimentation in biochemical network analysis. Its an interesting group of people that I have literally … Continue reading

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The Delphi Color Palette

This is the Delphi color palette, both ‘normal’ and ‘web’ colors. The ‘normal’ colors start at red and end at black. The ‘web’ colors start at Moccasin.  see for more information.  

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Default Compartments in SBML

A reoccurring problem that I’ve had with SBML since day one is how to deal with a default compartment. Take for example a visual design tool such as JDesigner. At start up it creates an implicit compartment represented by the empty canvas. … Continue reading

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Delphi XE3 Released

This week Embarcadero (Borland in the old days) released the latest version of their flagship product, Delphi XE3. One of the major issues in the earlier version, XE2, was the problem of fuzzy fonts when displaying text, particularly in the TMemo component. This made it almost … Continue reading

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