Science Funding in the US

I saw today (14th Jan, 2014) in  the news that Congress has come to an agreement on the budget to Sept 30, 2014. The Huffington Post had an article which discussed the effect of cuts on the NIH. In particular they had funding levels going back to 2001. Out of interest I converted these sums to 2013 values using the US Inflation Calculator and came up with the following graph. We see a small increase in 2009 due to the bailout but the long term trend is down.


NIH funding since 2004 in 2013 Dollars.

Oddly enough the NIH did quite well in the first few years of the first Bush term between 2001 and 2003 but it was all down hill after that. It makes one wonder where the current deficit has actually come from, certainly not extravagant science funding.

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