New version of libRoadRunner Released 1.0.1

A new version of libroadrunner has just been released. Details are given below. Of particular interest to windows users is the availability of a new windows installer which installs everything you need to run libroadrunner, even if you haven’t got python installer. We will be shortly releasing a second installer that will also installer a copy of spyder2 (A integrated Python IDE for science) configured for use with libroadrunner and a number of other tools including Antimony and the roadrunner plugins. In the months to come we will be adding additional tools to this platform.

What is libRoadRunner? libroadrunner is a new portable C/C++ based library for running SBML based models. It includes an extensive API including support for time course simulation, steady state, and metabolic control analysis. We also provide a Python bindings that make libRoadRunner very easy to use.

Get the new installer from:

New Windows Installers.

* We now have a single setup installer for Windows. This makes installation on Windows much easier.

Fixes and update to libRoadRunner

* Fixed bug where nested sbml functions were not handled properly. Now
it correctly reports when sbml functions are called with invalid
number of args.

* Fixed bug where where a log trace message incorrectly created.

* Display version info correctly in the command line rr program.

* Cache selection types and indices in model.getValue / setValue,
significant improvement in sbml symbol access times.

* Fixed memory leaks in Python API, performance improvements in

* New RoadRunner constructor which takes a URI and load options.

* Plugins moved to Tellurium project.

* Added getStateVectorRate and getStateVectorIds to ExecutableModel interface,
readily allows roadrunner to be used with external integrator

* SBML variable access performance improvements.

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