Pascal Dead? Me thinks not

I was talking to a colleague the other day who was praising the virtues of C++. I told him that Object Pascal was quite a popular and growing language these days which he thought I must be joking, Pascal, who uses that? Perhaps not his grandfather’s Pascal but a modern Pascal such as Object Pascal does seem to be popular. I looked up the download statistics for Free Pascal and the IDE Lazarus. I thought there are bound to be some downloads from these project, to my surprise I found the following download number for February 2014:

Free Pascal: 49,510
Lazarus IDE: 109,621

Not bad at all. Granted the download for C++ compilers such as Visual Studio Express probably runs into the millions but for a supposedly dead language these numbers are very respectable. This isn’t counting the commercial version, namely Delphi.

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  1. mikolaj says:

    These downloads are all universities students. None of them will not do anything serious.

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