Parallella Board Arrives

I’ve funded a number of kickstarter projects, two of which have come through. The latest kickstarter project to deliver is the Parallella project. This project is an attempt to bring low power and economical multi-core processing to the masses. The company designed a new chip called the Epiphany-III 16-core microprocessor. as part of the kickstarter project. They also have under development a 64-core version. They’ve had some problems getting the chips and boards made but it appears they’ve finally done it. Last week I received my two boards I had ordered. The picture below gives an idea of the size of the board, its only about 9 cm by roughly 5.5 cm. The board include a dual-core ARM A9, 1GB SDRAM and the all important 16 core coprocessor. The image at the bottom of the page comes from the company and gives a closer look at the board.


The case was supplied by the company. The photos below shows a closer view and the underside with an incredible high density of discrete components, click on them to get a bigger view.



To get this running I need two additional items, a small fan (apparently the chips heat up a bit) and a serial cable to interface directly with the onboard linux OS via the command line.

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