Disappointed with Drobo 5N

I got myself a Drobo 5N to serve as a backup of my data and other work. For those who don’t know the Drobo 5N is a 5 bay network attached storage (NAS) device. What is interesting about the Drobo is that any of the drives (and more than one) in one of the 5 bays can be removed without any effect to your stored data. This is because all data is redundantly spread across all drives. Not only that but the drives you can have in the 5 bays can be any size and any make.

The problem however is that the Drobo 5N is not truly a network attached storage device because you can only access directly from your computer on your local network, ie your office. So for example if you have a Drobo drive in your office you can’t access your data from home or anywhere else in the world. Most NAS system do allow access, for example by running an ftp server. It is possible to install an ftp server on a Drobo but the installation is buggy and trashes the firmware. So all in all the Drobo 5N is a bit of a disappointment.

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