Programming Language Popularity

As programmers we sometimes like to play the game of what is the most popular programming language? There are various metrics online that try to measure this, most notably TIOBEPYPL and Trendy Skills. They are all flawed in someway and often diverge considerably in their rankings. For example PYPL ranks Swift at number 9 whereas its not even in the top  24 on TIOBE. C is ranked 8th on Trendy Skills but 1st in TIOBE and 6th on PYPL. Sometimes they correspond for example, Javascript is ranked 7th place on both TIOBE and PYPL,

Another ranking system, also flawed, is the #code20XX twitter based rank. This is where people vote for what programming languages they used in the specified year. On #code2104 this year, Javascript was the winner closely followed by Python, Java then Ruby. On TIOBE Ruby is ranked 15th, and Python 8th. The other language to show itself on code2014 was Object Pascal. I get a lot of criticism for programming in Object Pascal/Delphi but I like it because its easy to read, very flexible to use and through the various GUI frameworks is ideal for writing cross platform GUI applications. On #code2014 Object Pascal/Delphi came 9th (compared to 20th on TIOBE). Object Pascal/Delphi beat a couple of mainstream languages include C and C++. I think this says more about the enthusiasm of the community than anything else which is of course an important factor when considering a language to use. The downside of Object/Pascal/Delphi is the dollar expense of buying into the platform. Embarcardero who sell the compiler and IDE charge a significant amount to be a member of this group. It effectively excludes most students and hobbyists from the community which is a great shame. On the plus side we have of course freepascal and lazarus which are also excellent cross platform tools and largely Delphi compatible. They are still perhaps a little immature in places but they are developing quickly.



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