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Bifurcation Analysis with Tellurium

I thought I’d try and write a series of HowTos on Tellurium, our python based tool for the construction, simulation and analysis of biochemical models. Details on this tool can be found here. One the unique features of Tellurium is … Continue reading

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Tikz Code for Drawing Metabolic Feedback Loops

I needed some figures that displayed a variety of different negative feedback loops so I created these using Tikz. Nothing particularly special. There are some absolute distances in the code which perhaps could be removed to make it more generic. … Continue reading

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The Confusion of Modern Textbooks – Stylistic Sugar

I’ve been looking for a textbook on statistics for a class I’ll teach in the autumn term. While the content of many textbooks might be ok the way the information is presented makes them difficult to read – at least … Continue reading

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Transistor Based Flip-Flop or a (not)RS NAND Latch

Been a while since I did a posting, too much time spent writing grants, and I mean a lot of time. In this blog I thought I’d describe a small project I did a month or two ago to build … Continue reading

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Z80 Microcomputer

Its been a while since I wrote something for this blog, mainly due to pressures of work. However its summer now and I’ve managed to carve out some time to do other work related projects. One thing I’ve done in … Continue reading

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Bode Plots using Python

I needed a quick way to plot some Bode plots for a second order system. I didn’t have access to Matlab, instead I searched for a solution using Python, and I found one. Documentation is a bit sparse  so this … Continue reading

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Disappointed with Drobo 5N

I got myself a Drobo 5N to serve as a backup of my data and other work. For those who don’t know the Drobo 5N is a 5 bay network attached storage (NAS) device. What is interesting about the Drobo … Continue reading

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Programming Language Popularity

As programmers we sometimes like to play the game of what is the most popular programming language? There are various metrics online that try to measure this, most notably TIOBE, PYPL and Trendy Skills. They are all flawed in someway and often … Continue reading

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Simple RK4 Code

Thought I’d start off the New Year with a simple freebie, a 4th Order Runge-Kutta class for Delphi, Windows and Mac OS. Should also work on Android and iOS mobile platforms and with Free Pascal. The code below shows how … Continue reading

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My First Mac OS Application

I finished my first Mac OS application. Two screenshots are shown below, I’ll be making it available download at the end of the week. This was a test application to see how easy it would be use write a portable … Continue reading

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