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Tikz Code for Drawing Metabolic Feedback Loops

I needed some figures that displayed a variety of different negative feedback loops so I created these using Tikz. Nothing particularly special. There are some absolute distances in the code which perhaps could be removed to make it more generic. … Continue reading

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PGF 3.0.0 is now Available

To those of use who use PGF and related packages, version 3.0.0 has just been released on CTAN. I include below a summary of the changes I retrieved from the sourceforge site. The manual for PGF 3.0.0 can be obtained … Continue reading

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Converting Excel Tables to LaTeX Tables

Today I had the problem of converting an Excel table of values into a LaTeX table. I could have done it by hand but the table had over 400 entries so that would have been a bit tedious. Instead I … Continue reading

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How to Increase MikTeX 2.9 Memory

I was recently running some large stochastic simulations and was generating very large pgfplot data files. MikTeX out of the box was unable to compile these plots because it kept running out of main memory. To increase main memory (or … Continue reading

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Drawing Pathways with Tikz

I had the need to draw a negative feedback around a linear pathway. Normally I would use a vector drawing packages to do this, such as Illustrator or Inkscape. This time I thought I would try the tikz package that … Continue reading

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LaTeX and Chemistry

I recent had the need to draw some chemical equation in a LaTeX document. In the past I’ve used ChemDraw and loaded the image into my document as a png file. Last time I used ChemDraw was on my old … Continue reading

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Collaborative LaTeX

Many of us probably use Google Docs or perhaps even the new Office 365 for collaborative editing. These are great for working on joint papers and those dreaded grant proposals. We have even used Good Docs as an instant messaging … Continue reading

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Drawing Pathways with TikZ: Part 2

Timo Maarleveld, as part of his thesis writing, started using TikZ to draw some of his network diagrams. To give you an example, the figure below was generated by the code listed at the end. IT gives some idea of … Continue reading

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Useful LaTex Documents

Here are some very useful documents on LaTeX that I have come across over the years: 1. Comprehensive Symbol List The comprehensive symbol list includes 5913 symbols and the corresponding LaTeX command by Scott Pakin 2. Math Mode A highly … Continue reading

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Top 10 LaTeX Packages

  These are the 10 most common packages I use in my LaTeX documents. 1. amsmath, amsfonts Particularly handy for rendering matrices. amsmath has a set of tailored matrix environments. For example here are three examples that use pmatrix, bmatrix … Continue reading

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