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Collaborative LaTeX

Many of us probably use Google Docs or perhaps even the new Office 365 for collaborative editing. These are great for working on joint papers and those dreaded grant proposals. We have even used Good Docs as an instant messaging … Continue reading

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Drawing Pathways with TikZ: Part 2

Timo Maarleveld, as part of his thesis writing, started using TikZ to draw some of his network diagrams. To give you an example, the figure below was generated by the code listed at the end. IT gives some idea of … Continue reading

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Useful LaTex Documents

Here are some very useful documents on LaTeX that I have come across over the years: 1. Comprehensive Symbol List The comprehensive symbol list includes 5913 symbols and the corresponding LaTeX command by Scott Pakin 2. Math Mode A highly … Continue reading

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Top 10 LaTeX Packages

  These are the 10 most common packages I use in my LaTeX documents. 1. amsmath, amsfonts Particularly handy for rendering matrices. amsmath has a set of tailored matrix environments. For example here are three examples that use pmatrix, bmatrix … Continue reading

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Symbolic MCA

Many years ago, Simon Thomas and David Fell (1) wrote a program called MetaCon that could compute the control coefficient equations given an arbitrary network. At the time it was very useful but for various reasons it could not be … Continue reading

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Drawing Pathways with TikZ: Part 1

Drawing biochemical pathway diagrams has never been easy. Many of us probably use a combination of Power Point, illustrator, Inkscape, or even MS Paint. Of these Illustrator and Inkscape are probably the most useful but Illustrator is expensive and Inkscape … Continue reading

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Graphics and LaTeX

I’ve been using TeX/LaTex for many years and have observed at close hand how LaTeX has evolved with the addition of new editors, bibliography support and particularly support for graphics. In my book “Enzyme Kinetics for Systems Biology”, I use … Continue reading

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Using LaTex in WordPress

To include a LaTeX equation in a WordPress article I use the WP QuickLaTeX plugin. To insert an equation into your text use the following syntax: For example the above code gives the following rendered equation: Addendum: Pavel Holoborodko pointed … Continue reading

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Installing MathTime Professional II in MiKTeX

How to install MathTime Professional II Fonts in MiKTeX. The following instructions apply to MikTex 2.6 and above (including 2.9) 1. If you haven’t already, create your own root directory. See for instructions on how to do this. 2. … Continue reading

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