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Tikz Code for Drawing Metabolic Feedback Loops

I needed some figures that displayed a variety of different negative feedback loops so I created these using Tikz. Nothing particularly special. There are some absolute distances in the code which perhaps could be removed to make it more generic. … Continue reading

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Bode Plots using Python

I needed a quick way to plot some Bode plots for a second order system. I didn’t have access to Matlab, instead I searched for a solution using Python, and I found one. Documentation is a bit sparse  so this … Continue reading

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Simple RK4 Code

Thought I’d start off the New Year with a simple freebie, a 4th Order Runge-Kutta class for Delphi, Windows and Mac OS. Should also work on Android and iOS mobile platforms and with Free Pascal. The code below shows how … Continue reading

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New Modeling Book Published

I am happy to announce the publication of my new book this March: Essentials of Biochemical Modeling. Computer models of biochemical systems are starting to play an increasingly important role in modern systems and synthetic biology. This monograph introduces students to … Continue reading

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Reversibility and Product Inhibition

It is common in biochemistry to categorize reactions as either reversible or irreversible. What do we mean by these terms? Let’s look at a simple reaction such as:     where A is transformed to B. The rate of reaction … Continue reading

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New version of libRoadRunner Released 1.0.1

A new version of libroadrunner has just been released. Details are given below. Of particular interest to windows users is the availability of a new windows installer which installs everything you need to run libroadrunner, even if you haven’t got … Continue reading

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Announce: release of libRoadRunner 1.0.0

After a lot of work I am pleased to announce the first official release of libRoadRunner, 1.0.0. This represents a complete rewrite of the original C# RoadRunner developed by Frank Bergmann and Herbert Sauro. libRoadRunner is a high-performance cross-platform C/C++ library that supports … Continue reading

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Bottlenecks and Slow Steps – again

I’ve written a few articles on this blog about the irrationality of bottlenecks and slow steps in metabolism, hoping that one day my fellow scientists will feel the same. Sadly it is not true and maybe I should write more … Continue reading

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Whole Cell Models

We’ve seen in the last couple of years increased interest in building whole cell models, that is computer models that attempt to simulate a whole organism. The most recent attempt was by Karr et al, published in Cell, 2012, 150(2), … Continue reading

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Linear Dynamics Application

There are a number of online apps that can show students the phase plane dynamics of a 2d system. Notable examples include: Phase Portrait Viewer from the d’Arbeloff Interactive Math Project – requires Java installed Wolfram Phase Portrait Viewer – … Continue reading

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