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Biochemical Control Analyis 101: Part 2

What is a control coefficient? First we should indicate what we mean by control. The term control has a special meaning in biochemical control analysis. Control refers to the ability of a system parameter to affect a system variable. For … Continue reading

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What is life?

What is life? Everyone must at some time have had a stab at defining life, so here’s mine….. A question that scientists and philosophers have struggled with for some millennia is what distinguishes living from non-living matter. Many different definitions … Continue reading

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Metabolic Control Analyis 101: Part 1

What is Metabolic Control Analysis? Broadly speaking, Metabolic Control Analysis is a mathematical approach that allows us to understand and quantify how perturbations to a biochemical pathway propagate out from the disturbance to the rest of the system. Metabolic Control … Continue reading

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SBML Parts Decomposition Tool

Biochemical Pathway Component Finder Ever wanted to extract a particular enzyme or reaction from a computational model? Perhaps not, but those of you who have, there is now a tool available to do that very task. Maxwell Neal from University … Continue reading

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Solving ODEs using Mathematica