FireMonkey and Delphi

If you’re a Delphi programmer then the you should know about a quiet revolution that is happening to the next release of Delphi, called XE2 from Embarcadero Technologies, formally Borland.

Due sometime in the first few weeks of September, XE2 is the latest version of the Delphi programming environment and framework. The news is that the new version will have a completely new UI framework called FireMonkey that will enable Delphi developers to target Windows, Mac OS and iOS. The release after XE2 will probably also support Android and Linux. This is excellent news for those of us who develop using Delphi as we can now finally support cross-platform apps. Delphi generates native code so we get speed, there is no need for users to preinstall a runtime system, its very simple to deploy and there are loads of widgets.

The Delphi programming language itself is a modern OOP language with the addition of generics, operator overloading (if you really must use it), properties, class types, RTTI, inline assembler, unicode, exception handling, anonymous methods, etc. The two images below gives you some idea of what the new UI might look like, further images from

Further details fromĀ

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