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Nature Precedings Closes

I just received an email this morning telling me that Nature Precedings (Nature’s preprint service) is closing down at the beginning of April, 2012. Shame on you Nature. No reason was given. This is what happens I supose when we … Continue reading

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Jim Burns’ Ph.D Thesis

Why on earth should anyone would want to download a Ph.D thesis that is now almost 40 years old and presumably way out of date and completely irrelevant in today’s terabyte data world? Well for one, Jim’s thesis is an … Continue reading

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Never say never….

Someone posted these quotes in response to a skeptic’s comment that solar, wind and other renewable energy sources will never economically match petroleum, coal or nuclear: “Man will never reach the moon regardless of all future scientific advances. –Dr. Lee DeForest, “Father … Continue reading

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Analog Computers

Although I was brought up on digital computers I have quite a soft spot for analog computers. I used to have an old web page that had some notes and pictures plus some rare analog construction notes that I copied … Continue reading

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Favorite Quotes

I was reminded again the other day of one of my favorite quotes which relates directly to one of the potential pitfalls of mathematical modeling. I thought I would repeat the quote here but also give another quote that rings true for … Continue reading

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