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Mathpix Snip

I came across this amazing tool that can convert images of math equations into LaTeX format. The tool can be found at I’ve tried on a number of texts including some not so clear and it does a fantastic … Continue reading

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New Textbook on Metabolic Control Analysis

New Textbook Published I am pleased to announce the publication of my new textbook: Introduction to Metabolic Control Analysis   “This book is an introduction to control in biochemical pathways. It introduces students to some of the most important concepts … Continue reading

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Repeatable, Reproducible [and Replictable]

There appears to be great confusion in the scientific and social sciences communities on the meaning of words related to certain aspects of the scientific method. The ArXiv paper by Lorena Barba “Terminologies for Reproducible Research” highlights the confused state … Continue reading

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Another Inhibition Pathway Diagram using TikZ