Enzyme Kinetics and Systems Biology

I have finally got round to publishing my first textbook, titled Enzyme Kinetics and Systems Biology.

There are many enzyme kinetics textbooks on the market though some are now getting quite old. Most of these books focus the elucidation of enzyme kinetic mechanisms. “Enzyme Kinetics and Systems Biology” is focused more on enzyme kinetics for model builders. It isn’t a book about how to build models but an overview of the kinetic laws one might use and the problems that one may encounter. The book also has unique chapters on elasticities, generalized rate laws and rate laws that one might use when building gene regulatory network models. The book is suitable as an undergraduate textbook or supplementary book for a systems biology course (discounts are available for class purchase) or as a reference guide for graduates and other researches in the systems biology or synthetic biology fields.

Enzyme Kinetics for Systems Biology

The book is priced at $9.95 for the ebook or $29.95 for the paperback. For the ebook version there are free updates until the second edition is released. Discounts are available for class use. The ebook is also available at a special 50% discount to international readers but not including: US, Canada, Western Europe (not including former eastern block), Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Oman, Kuwait, Qutar, and Bahrain.

Purchase from:

Amazon or CreateSpace for discounts (contact hsauro at uw.edu for details)

For ebook purchases go to analogmachine.org

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